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Lainna Gets A Facial

Lainna is super tiny: 4 feet, 8 inches. This once innocent slut is from the Midwest, and gets passed around her small town like a joint at Phish concert. When she visited us at the Facial Abuse studio, she thought it would be a great to have anal sex for the first time ever. Bad Idea!

Lainna squealed like a pig the entire time, with her eyes pouring tears. She looked at Duke Skywalker and began swearing as Big Red rammed her. We pummeled her virgin asshole, and you could tell that her proud demeanor was gone. She was obedient after the ass pillaging, and she felt relieved after we covered her face in spit and 5 loads of cum.

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How many sites are able to take two big time pornstars and abuse them until they can be abused no more? The Facial Abuse crew took Mika Tan and Max Mikita and reduced each to nothing more than piles of puke, spit and cum. This was one of the craziest scenes ever!

Not only did each Asian pornstar get assfucked, slapped around, choked, throated and cum soaked, but these ladies created an Anal Cannon. As you can see, the anal cannon consists of a funnel, an asshole and some pornstar puke. Click below to see a video of this in action!

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Mika Tan Pukes On Max Mikita

Deaf Girl Gets A Facial

See how Juliet Willow kind of has that expression that says "I'm stupid and probably deaf"? Well that's because she is a bit of both. Well, she is kind of dumb but very deaf, and she sounds like Chewbacca when speaking. Most face fucked women only sound like this when we poke their gag reflex, but Juliet Willow speaks with a perma gag.

We abuse sluts of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and handicaps. Sure we may feel bad about it after (ok...no we don't), but it's always a riot to watch these extreme porn videos after the fact. Check out the free Facial Abuse Deaf Girl video below!

See More Of Juliet Willow At Deaf And Degraded!

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